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I've created my own Mastodon instance.

I have posted nothing. No one else is in it. It is unfederated.

I have found digital paradise.

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Holy Mola. What's the protocol for viral toots in the tootoverse? I guess check out the repos for my open-source instrumentation project:

I got this banana phone as a joke but it turns out it's the best Bluetooth headset I've ever used.

Help, I'm managing an international consulting firm via banana.

One last flight and then a 1.5 hour drive and I'll be home after a very long day of travel.

I mean, I get it. They can speed up boarding if they get some passengers to gate check, even if there is plenty of space.

It's weird to me when the gate agents keep announcing that the plane is completely full when we all have access to the seat map on our phones and can see that half the seats are empty.

In case you were wondering, the box for the OpenROV Trident works just great as an impromptu expedition case.

Tough enough to lug around Monterey and the airport all week.

There are now oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico twice as deep as the Deepwater Horizon. There is an 8.5% incrrase in accident risk for ever additional 30m of depth.

90% of arguements for or against Open Access boil down to "I'm not personally affected by X fee, so I don't see why I should pay for Y."

Hoping you're all battened down and prepped for Florence. It's going to be a big one.

Conservation technology is a lot like surgery.

Often it's treating symptoms of a much larger problem that can only be fixed with major environmental and lifestyle changes.

Occasionally it's *the* comprehensive solution to a problem.

More than we'd like to admit, it's purely cosmetic.

The street art around Monterey gets me, yah know?

Today turned into an impromptu adventures with submarines day, and that is a good thing.

One of our conference node leaders worked on creating #DIY #knitted and #crocheted ocean microbes to raise awareness of the fun invisible creatures filling the Seas with life! 

There's even a glowing #dinoflagellates

Full instructions on how to make them are at

Part of 

 #marinemicrobes #microbes #SciArt #SmallWonder #microbe #science #ocean #microbiome #scicomm #outreach #artscience

BWI appears to be back to pre-9/11 security SOP. At least for my last few early morning departures.

Shoes on. Laptops stay in bag. Metal detectors over scanners. There's a dog walking the line now, but otherwise a much less frustrating experience.

My high school civics class did not prepare me for the chaos that is this congress.

Folks trying to kick a *substantial* coffee habit, how do you deal with the mid-afternoon slump.

Trying to go from 2 - 3 full carafes a day to a cup or two, if not none at all, and the afternoons are just wiping me out.

FYI, I'm now in charge of a deep-sea mining trade journal, so if any freelancers want to pitch on the subject, I have a very competitive budget.

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