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I've created my own Mastodon instance.

I have posted nothing. No one else is in it. It is unfederated.

I have found digital paradise.

these are chromodoris nudibranchs. they come in all sorts of funky colors and i love them. the pink one is called 'chromodoris bullocki' which is very fun

One more publication before the new year! I'm one of the authors on this paper modeling Smooth Dogfish habitat along the east coast of the U.S. Different habitat preferences between males and females may mean a more sustainable male-only fishery is possible. Open access!

"Stop throwing garbage candy off your parade floats" is the hill I will die on. Just more trash going straight into the ocean.

You know you want your own crew of frolicking Yeti Crabs.

These exclusive, limited edition stickers are only available for 4 more days through my Patreon campaign, and then they'll be gone forever.

It's finally here! Decorate your favorite piece of -themed equipment with The Very Merry Yeti Crab sticker.

Only on my Patreon and only until November 30. Subscribe now before they're gone.

I just bought a polymetallic "manganese" nodule from the Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone. Which is actually pretty concerning since contractors shouldn't be able to commercialize high seas minerals yet. So now I get to track down the source of this nodule and find out what it means for the ISA"s mandate that seafloor resources be managed "for the good of mankind".

When I was in my 20s, I once fell 80 ft onto a granite slab while rock climbing, shook it off, and finished a 7-pitch route of mostly vertical overhangs.

Today I yawned so hard I hurt my back.

Thinking of doing a Patreon-only podcast. Does anyone have any experience either doing or listening to those that they'd be willing to share?

Nainoa Thompson delivers the lone, incredible keynote at the Ocean Exploration Forum.

The Rebirth of Polynesian Voyaging.

Things I learned today: autonomous drone ships are still required to have a paddle.

I'm at MIT today and tomorrow talking deep-sea mining policy. One of the important lessons that always strikes me during my talks with representatives from extractive ocean industries is that everyone really is genuine. People care about environmental impacts. Even miners. Even wildcats.

Yet that stewardship ethic doesn't always grow with the scale of industry.

US followers--tomorrow is Election Day! Do you know where your polling place is? How you're getting there?


I still have to travel way too much for work, but this year my goal was to at least never fly anywhere for just one thing.

So far I've managed to stack major projects so that if I have to hop a plane, we get a lot more than one trip worth of value out of it.

Heading to Boston now to Interview sources, participate in a mining policy working group, and present at the OER All Hands on Deck ocean conference. Oh, and a high school reunion.

I might also sleep.

I'm standing in a line right now. I'm wearing jeans. The person ahead of me is wearing jeans. The person behind me is wearing jeans. Without being too creepy, a quick survey says the line waiting to board this plane is at well above 50% blue jeans.

The one fact that just keeps blowing my mind: at any given moment, nearly half of all people in the world are wearing blue jeans.

Which are now also among the most energy-intensive mass-produced textiles.

FYI, I'm now running the Deep-sea Mining Observer. The only trade journal dedicated to tracking the progress of the deep-sea mining industry.

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