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I've created my own Mastodon instance.

I have posted nothing. No one else is in it. It is unfederated.

I have found digital paradise.

This morning, the unspeakable happened.

Southern Fried Science pivots to video.

It's the Weekly Salvage! Cod help us all.

We read every report from every research cruise that made a biological observation at a hydrothermal vent. This is what we discovered:

262 Voyages Beneath the Sea: a global assessment of biodiversity and research effort at deep-sea hydrothermal vents

FYI - When packing a bluerov2, it is possible to fit a container of grits between the two starboard side vertical thrusters 😎

I built an open-source stepping machine, and you can too!

reStepper: It steps your steps when the steps you stepped weren't counted by your step counter.

A high school buddy asked me to bagpipe for his New Year's Eve wedding, which means between the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, black tie reception, and other events, I've got three suits, four different shoes, and full tartan regalia.

In the last year I've worked in Borneo, Saipan, California, Louisiana, and other locals for over 3 months total, and this two day trip to up the road to Baltimore is the most luggage I've traveled with all year.

It was a cup that could *somehow* tell you exactly what you poured into it, down to calorie counts and alcohol content. Which would have been a billion dollar sensor revolution.

Just randomly thought of Vessyl, my all time favorite Silicon Valley vaporware scam.

One more publication before the new year! I'm one of the authors on this paper modeling Smooth Dogfish habitat along the east coast of the U.S. Different habitat preferences between males and females may mean a more sustainable male-only fishery is possible. Open access!

"Stop throwing garbage candy off your parade floats" is the hill I will die on. Just more trash going straight into the ocean.

You know you want your own crew of frolicking Yeti Crabs.

These exclusive, limited edition stickers are only available for 4 more days through my Patreon campaign, and then they'll be gone forever.

It's finally here! Decorate your favorite piece of -themed equipment with The Very Merry Yeti Crab sticker.

Only on my Patreon and only until November 30. Subscribe now before they're gone.

I just bought a polymetallic "manganese" nodule from the Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone. Which is actually pretty concerning since contractors shouldn't be able to commercialize high seas minerals yet. So now I get to track down the source of this nodule and find out what it means for the ISA"s mandate that seafloor resources be managed "for the good of mankind".

When I was in my 20s, I once fell 80 ft onto a granite slab while rock climbing, shook it off, and finished a 7-pitch route of mostly vertical overhangs.

Today I yawned so hard I hurt my back.

Thinking of doing a Patreon-only podcast. Does anyone have any experience either doing or listening to those that they'd be willing to share?

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