I got this banana phone as a joke but it turns out it's the best Bluetooth headset I've ever used.

Help, I'm managing an international consulting firm via banana.

@DrAndrewThaler overwhelming need to have one simply so I can end a call with "Sorry, I've got to split."

I am in no way a professional at anything. Clearly. :P

@DrAndrewThaler They've always said that the bananaphone was a phone with a-peal, but it seems like they said that for more than just one reason

@DrAndrewThaler if it's so good maybe you should buy … a bunch. I'll play myself out

@DrAndrewThaler But does it play the Bananaphone song when you get a call?

@DrAndrewThaler please tell me you answer the phone with "boop doopa Doo Doo do hi welcome to international consulting firm how can I help you?"

Holy Mola. What's the protocol for viral toots in the tootoverse? I guess check out the repos for my open-source instrumentation project:

@DrAndrewThaler I believe tradition dictates "while you're here check out my soundcloud" as the preferred response

@DrAndrewThaler Sorry, I may have instigated that. But it was a very cool toot.

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