We read every report from every research cruise that made a biological observation at a hydrothermal vent. This is what we discovered:

262 Voyages Beneath the Sea: a global assessment of biodiversity and research effort at deep-sea hydrothermal vents


I built an open-source stepping machine, and you can too!

reStepper: It steps your steps when the steps you stepped weren't counted by your step counter.


Just randomly thought of Vessyl, my all time favorite Silicon Valley vaporware scam.

"Stop throwing garbage candy off your parade floats" is the hill I will die on. Just more trash going straight into the ocean.

You know you want your own crew of frolicking Yeti Crabs.

These exclusive, limited edition stickers are only available for 4 more days through my Patreon campaign, and then they'll be gone forever.


It's finally here! Decorate your favorite piece of -themed equipment with The Very Merry Yeti Crab sticker.

Only on my Patreon and only until November 30. Subscribe now before they're gone.


I just bought a polymetallic "manganese" nodule from the Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone. Which is actually pretty concerning since contractors shouldn't be able to commercialize high seas minerals yet. So now I get to track down the source of this nodule and find out what it means for the ISA"s mandate that seafloor resources be managed "for the good of mankind".

Nainoa Thompson delivers the lone, incredible keynote at the Ocean Exploration Forum.

The Rebirth of Polynesian Voyaging.

Things I learned today: autonomous drone ships are still required to have a paddle.

Shout out to all the hard-working Patreon creators stuffing envelopes and mailing rewards today.

Let me know if you want a sticker.

I made a display frame to store my ROV between deployments and I think I just accepted robot Jesus as my personal servo. @JoeyMaier

Playing around with OpenROV Trident at the University of Delaware. It's a little bot with a big vision and we're giving away 1000 over the next year to scientists, explorers, students, and adventurers.

This is a modern circuit board by a major appliance manufacturer that wants $100 to replace it. The traces aren't even etched. It's basically a bread board.

In a dishwasher.

Are you surprised it failed?

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