We have a pair of FRS radios in the Trident case, although I had to put their chargers in a different bag

FYI - When packing a bluerov2, it is possible to fit a container of grits between the two starboard side vertical thrusters 😎

I got the FPV headset working with the trident. Planning to use it with the students on Tuesday. 🤞

I'm optimistic enough that I sewed a battery holder onto the headset strap

If anybody is on the fence about getting OpenROV's game pad controller for the trident, do it. It is MUCH easier to control the ROV than when using a phone.

The hard case and controller for the Trident are here. I'm hoping to make it out to the dive shop to test them tomorrow.

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At least this week we learned that it was Baby Boomers who invented eating Tide Pods.

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There are now oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico twice as deep as the Deepwater Horizon. There is an 8.5% incrrase in accident risk for ever additional 30m of depth.

[sigh!] If anyone wonders why I'm posting old SFS and DSN posts which are cynical about Sea Shepherd to my Facebook Timeline, it is because an acquaintance made the ill-advised choice to go work on one of their boats

I got an email and a phone call from an administrator wanting an OpenROV demo for a outreach week. I'll be charging batteries for 2.8 and and testing tonight. If I have issues, I have a complete new 2.8 kit on hand that could be built, but it is a tight schedule.....

I didn't recognize the HOV that was used when Blue Planet 2 filmed the six gills at the whale fall.


It appears to be a Lula 1000 submersible.



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